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[Last Date: 21.09.2020]


Our students get Unlimited access to high-end computing facilities. The department houses six computer labs which serve as teaching laboratories / interactive multimedia classrooms. Equipped with latest and state-of-the-art hardware and accompanying software, our departmental labs are a class of their own. Besides these, the labs are fully air-conditioned and provision of high-speed internet facilitates makes for an excellent working environment for students. Also, every student is provided a log-in protected account to campus-wide Wi-Fi internet for fostering a stimulating research environment. A brief listing of our labs is given underneath.

1.      CRDC LAB / Computing Research Center  





6.      SUN LAB  

7.      HARDWARE LAB  

The Computing Research & Development Cell (CRDC) is a project undertaken by the department and funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of Pakistan. The CRDC Lab is set up under this project and is among the few high-tech and state-of-art computing labs in Pakistan. The lab has huge computing resources [CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS] in terms of:

  • upto 32-core Server Machines
  • 50 Desktop Machines
  • Laptop Computers
  • Latest Raspberry-PI machines with all accessories
  • Printers
  • Scanners
All these facilities are freely usable by the PhD scholars under guidance of the faculty members who are supervising their research work. They are currently actively researching on new technologies hands-on thanks to this high-tech laboratory within their access.

The postgraduate research lab is especially designated for the MS(CS) students and research scholars of the department. It has 30 state-of-the-art machines and the students working on their thesis are allowed to install OS of their choice and hold personal accounts on their allocated machines for certain time so that they can research at ease.

The Programming Lab is our largest capacity lab with 55 computers and nearly 100 persons' seating plan. Windows OS runs machines are loaded with dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows OS plus requisite software for aiding students in the core courses. The lab is equipped with multimedia and is mostly busy with hands-on lectures by teachers of certain computer languages programming courses.

The Systems Lab has a grand number of 45 latest machines and about double seating plan. The machines are loaded with dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows OS plus requisite software for aiding students in the core courses. The lab is equipped with multimedia to allow hands-on lectures for certain system programming courses.

General purpose computing lab has a capacity of 30 computer desks equipped with LINUX OS and open-source s/w. It is used by students in their free time for practical work and internet research. This Lab is also utilized to conduct hands on trainings on research software, seminars, workshops etc.

Sun Solaris lab is special as it is well equipped with the latest Sun Microsystems Machines. Sun Solaris Lab functions as a Thin Client Lab connected via Ethernet, to the Sun Server managed by our trained staff. Sun Thin Client is a networked display device, with applications running on a server and the state of the user's session being independent of the display. The lab enables students to improve their programming knowledge and make experiments to get familiar with this unique technology

The hardware lab is one of the important basic labs of the Department of Computer Science. This lab is designed for undergraduate course of 'Digital Logic and Design'. The lab is well equipped with both hardware and allied software facilities. The students implement logic circuits through ICs and through electronic workbench software. Experiments are designed in such a way that students become well aware of the concepts learned in theory course.