NAME: Dr. Qaiser Rasool
DESIGNATION: Assistant Professor
2009 Qaisar Rasool, Jianzhong Li, Shuo Zhang:
Replica Placement In Multi-tier Data Grid.. Dasc 2009: 103-108
(2009) [Journal Paper ]
2008 Qaisar Rasool, Jianzhong Li, Ehsan Ullah Munir, George S. Oreku:
A Two-way Strategy For Replica Placement In Data Grid.. Gca 2008: 107-112
(2008) [Journal Paper ]
Qaisar Rasool, Jianzhong Li, George S. Oreku, Shuo Zhang, Donghua Yang:
A Load Balancing Replica Placement Strategy In Data Grid.. Icdim 2008: 751-756
(2008) [Journal Paper ]
Ehsan Ullah Munir, Jianzhong Li, Shengfei Shi, Zhaonian Zou, Qaisar Rasool:
A Performance Study Of Task Scheduling Heuristics In Hc Environment.. Mco 2008: 214-223
(2008) [Journal Paper ]
2007 Qaisar Rasool, Jianzhong Li, George S. Oreku, Ehsan Ullah Munir, Donghua Yang:
A Comparative Study Of Replica Placement Strategies In Data Grids.. Apweb/waim Workshops 2007: 135-143
(2007) [Journal Paper ]
2006 Donghua Yang, Qaisar Rasool, Zhenhuan Zhang:
Multiple Join Processing In Data Grid.. Apweb 2006: 793-799
(2006) [Journal Paper ]
2005 Donghua Yang, Jianzhong Li, Qaisar Rasool:
Join Algorithm Using Multiple Replicas In Data Grid. . Waim 2005: 416-427
(2005) [Journal Paper ]

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